I’m now addicted to blogging. But I guess this will be my last domain and my last site. HOPEFULLY! But I just can’t help it, that every time I think of nice words (for me) I will immediately buy a domain for it. Just like last night, I’m thinking of Blog and Dinosaurs. Well, I think of those two words because while doing my blogs during the day, my baby is watching dinosaur cartoon. So that made me think, what if I’ll put the words together and buy a domain for it. And that would be BLOGOSAUROS. For me, my meaning for my site is just anything and everything about blogging world. Hmmm! I guess this is the result of my addiction in blogging. This would mean also that this is one place of making big in the blogging world or making it big in doing advertising or just anything as long as it’s good and it can help other people as well as help myself. Once again, I’ll make this one as a general blog which will contain almost every good thing in life, about life, businesses, health, travel, parenting, baby, tips for new bloggers, and many other good topics. So I guess this is all for now. I’m crossing my fingers that this will be my last blog.

Reference: My First Post