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Don’t worry – just pray instead

Worried about gasoline in bringing the kids out for school activities or any other activities? OMG! What kind of parent are you? You should provided things for the kids and don’t think of gasoline cost. They need to be out and mingle with other people to have a little balance life. Don’t worry on anything instead pray for everything and God will provide you.

Benefits in using before your car purchase

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Probably, you have the car brand and the car model in mind when you are about to buy a new automobile. But you are not sure whether you will pursue in buying it, or you will choose a different one. Another thing is that maybe your confusions kick-in with choosing between one body style to another.

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I know there’s something wrong somewhere

I know there is something different in my car. I can feel it but I just don’t know where and what part of it. Could it be the gasoline that I am using? Or perhaps there is something wrong with the engine? I don’t know! How I wish I am a car mechanic! Sigh!

This means a little independence for me

I am so excited to have my drive test appointment. Though, I am not sure yet if I will pass or not, but one thing is surest and that is the day I will be having my drive test is fast approaching. I am also excited for that day ‘coz I will know if I learned something from the lessons that those two people taught me. But the first person who helped and taught me to drive is my husband. I am grateful for his patience during the first days of when I am still learning to steer the wheel. Anyway, what I want to attach for my budget car is any of the available whispbar roof racks. I know this will be of help for me whenever my family and I will have some travel. I can easily put some important things on top of my car aside from putting things at the small luggage area at the back. Sigh hope I will just pass the drive test as this will be a great thing for me. This means a little independence since I can just do anything and I can go anywhere I want in any time I want and need to.