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Lesson scanning

Thank God, I am done scanning the lessons that I need to submit to the teacher of my first-grade homeschooler. Now, I’ve got to find the lessons for my 6th grader, scan it and then submit it online for last week’s requirements. I got to do the things I need to do to accomplish something meaningful in life – things that will help my families especially my kids.

Don’t worry – just pray instead

Worried about gasoline in bringing the kids out for school activities or any other activities? OMG! What kind of parent are you? You should provided things for the kids and don’t think of gasoline cost. They need to be out and mingle with other people to have a little balance life. Don’t worry on anything instead pray for everything and God will provide you.

Fascinated with e-books

Since last year, I am fascinated with reading lots of good and inspirational books. As I want to give some reviews on it but my reviews are kind of expensive, so I would rather not do it. Char – hehehe! Just kidding! I will review those books that I bought in amazon right after I would finish it since I am reading from one book to another without me finishing it. I have around more than 40 books in my kindle and I love all of those things. It enlightened me in my life’s journey as a mother, wife, homeschooler, and a writer. I am thankful that I am attracted to those books.