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Authentic MK Michael Kors Crossbody Bag Original Price: $228.00 Buy it now @ discounted price

Authentic MK Michael Kors Crossbody Bag
Original Price: $228.00
Buy it now @ discounted price
Color: Acorn (similar to brown color)
Material: Leather

This is so Beautiful!

2 top zipper closures
middle snap closure with 6 card slots, and 3 pockets
1 back packet

Height: about 6 1/2″
Width: about 8 3/4″

This is a pretty #MichaelKors #MK Crossbody

*From smoke free and pet free environment
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More blessings!

Wigs are pretty nifty and handy

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Cozy spyder jackets

Winter day will soon be here coz it says that it will start by December 22nd if I remember it right. But even if winter is not officially here, the weather every day is so freezing cold. With this, I am thinking of buying the most cozy spyder jackets to keep me warm whenever I will be out for some important matters. Also, I will buy two additional spyder jackets for my son and daughter since they are always with me all the time. I want them to be warm during the coldest days ‘coz they’re still kids who needs comfort. Hope I can find good prices for this spyder jackets and also hoping for free shipping too!