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Forgiving others

Forgive anyone who has caused you pain or harm.
Keep in mind that forgiving is not for others. It is for you.
Forgiving is not forgetting. It is remembering without anger.
It frees up your power, heals your body, mind and spirit.
Forgiveness opens up a pathway to a new place of peace to you.
Where you can persist despite what has happened.
– Les Brown

What to write about?

It is the moment when you want to update your blogs, but you do not know what to write. You have tried looking at your old videos and photos, but there is another idea that prompt into your head – to edit your videos instead. But your mind urges you to update your blogs, and here you are just writing this confusion that you are having. Well, this is a blog post for one of your sites. You just do not know what to do next. Tsk!

Still searching

I know there’s something more in life that what I am doing every day. I hope I can find it as soon as I can as I want to have a better life than what I have for the past years. I know I can do more of what I am doing right now. Oh God please guide me on what I need to do in order to serve you by serving my families here and back home and other people of whom you want me to serve. Help me find my ‘real niche’ in life. I am so desperate on things that I need to focus on. Thank you God.

It’s hard but success is just out there

Starting a new venture in life is hard. Isn’t it right? But with perseverance, commitment, and dedication, success is just waiting at the end. That success will only be possible and that success will be within grasp when a person will believe that God is always there no matter what life will bring.

The far away sunset

This is the far away sunset which is always the case all the time! Gee! I didn’t know that the sunset is in that area. I thought on the other side. I asked my husband is that where the sunset is and he replied of course it’s always that place ever since. Hehehe! I’m just laughing at myself for I’m not good in geographical thing/astrological thing or whatever.

In making decisions

In life, we need to make lots of decisions. Depending on the given situation, we don’t have any choice but to decide; be it negatively or positively. And we must be careful with making our decisions since this will not only affect our present lives but this will also affect those people around us.

Hoping & praying

I am awake so early and that’s around 2am. I couldn’t sleep again, so that’s why I’m early in doing my pending assignments. And I’m hoping and praying that after finishing everything, I will be given more tasks. But if not, then, the best thing to do is just to wait for the next blessings!

Hohner panther at

One of the music instruments that intrigued me a lot is accordion. I am just fascinated with those who know how to play it. I am thinking ‘what if’ I know how to play one. Anyway, do you love accordion as well? Do you want to buy it? If you want to buy it, do check this hohner panther at This has lots of features to offer like 31 treble keys, 12 bass/chord buttons, plays G, C, F, and many more features. For anything do visit Guitar Center and check this or any other music instruments.

G&L electric guitars @

I do love guitars especially electric guitars. When I was young, I broke the guitar of my father and until now I haven’t replaced it yet. And so, if only he is near me, I will probably buy any of these G&L guitars in musician friends. Do you love G& L guitars as well? If you do, choose any g&l, check it out at For me the one that I want to give to my father is this G&L Comanche Electric Guitar or this G&L ASAT Z3 Figured Maple Top Guitar. How about you? What model of electric guitars you like?

Music store that has been my favorite for so many years now

Searching online before buying just anything is always a big help for me. Yes it is! And now, I am visiting this this site that has been my favorite for so many years. In this store I can find just anything I want whenever there is a need for me to upgrade or add some musical instrument in my music room. Today, I am searching for a good deal on electric guitar. I just want to have a new one. How about you?