With water on it

My baby figured out that his toy will make colors when there’s water. I’m talking about the Crayola board. It has a small pen before to be filled in with water. But since it’s destroyed I just throw it away. Also, I can see that he is enjoying the other side of the board for its water colored base and he can draw anything on it by just using his fingers. Right now that he is big and smart, he is into the other side. And when he can’t see a water or juice, he will just spit on it and he will laugh looking at the technical color board. Gee! What a baby!

More important

I guess this is all for now in here. I need to do some important task that will expire soonest. Though it’s not that big but at least I will be receiving something from it. That thing will be my additional funds for savings and for sending to my family. So see you later!

Same or just coincidence?

While seeing the filter that I place on the table near the main entrance of the house, I concluded that maybe when it fell, it’s the reason why the switch of the porch’s lights was off. What do you think? But I didn’t tell my husband about it. Until he mentioned again about the filter that maybe it’s the reason why the switch is off. Hmmm, do we have same thinking or just coincidence or what? I’m glad he didn’t find it weird this time!

Catching some Zzzs

I guess I need to retire to bed right now. I’m damn tired and I need to recharge myself so that early tomorrow my energy will be up again. So I guess this is my last post for tonight. And see you again tomorrow. Hope you’ve learn with my latest article. I’ll be sharing more. Goodnight! God bless! See you!

Afraid of the…

I’m arguing with my hubby for there are two flies that buzzing inside the house. I asked him if he opened the door wide. He said yes for he wanted that the spider will get out. So I answered him that he is afraid of spiders but he is not preventing the other insects in coming inside. Gee! I was having a hard time swatting the flies. Since hubby is afraid of spiders, I’m just the one who closed the door. Grrr!

Enjoying the silence

Right now, my bb and I have a silent home. We don’t have TV and we don’t have music. In order for him to become busy, I just put a crocheted thread on the bumper of his little toy truck. And he is so happy pulling it around the living room. But since he is a baby, he can’t live in an arrange area. He will be comfy and happy when he will see his toys messed and scattered around. As of the moment, he is sitting in the middle of his scattered toys but still holding the crocheted thread that I tied to his toy truck while trying to play with the other blocks. I just don’t know what’s in his mind for he is just mumbling words which I can’t recognize.

Thanks a bunch

Whoever you are that’s helping me with this thing, I’m praying that you will receive great blessings from God. You are such a kind person. Hope you, your family and the company that you are working with will receive graces more than what you are expecting. You deserve such prayers for what you did is a great help with my finances especially in holidays are fast approaching. From the bottom of my heart – a MILLION THANKS TO YOU! God Bless Always!

I guess he is immune – so no need to keep the rug

I totally removed the last rug we have in the living room for baby wants to stay underneath it. And it’s dangerous for him to get suffocate aside from the dirt. Actually the reason we put three rug on the permanent carpet we have is for our bb BABUS to have a clean area. But since he is a bb explorer now that he is 26 months old, there is no reason to keep the rugs. I guess he is immune with some dirt already. Not like when he was a small bb wherein he will have some rashes when he would be expose with a little dirty area. Right now, he seems to be fine. In fact, he loves to mop his forehead on the old carpet. Huh, what a baby!

Hmmm parking nearby…

Do I need to have a night vision gaggles? Why I’m saying this? Well, my husband has been complaining with some cars that always park near our house during the night. And it’s just these days that this/these people are doing it. I’m just wondering who they are and what they are doing right near and in front of our place. If they are the visitors of our neighbors why they’re parking right near us? They should park somewhere near the house that they intend to visit and not near us. It’s just a bit strange. Hmmm! I guess I will observe this tonight and try to discover what they are doing outside.

Do it again

If you cannot do this perfectly the first time, then do it again. If the second time is still not good, then redo it over again until you are satisfied with the result. But if you can make it good the first time, then might as well do it right so that you will not repeat again. These things are one of the good things I share to my kids. I hope they will listen to me.