One of the things I really enjoy on a sunny afternoon or evening is the sound of music.  There is nothing like listening to your favorite songs as you drive along the back roads, off the beaten path where you are one with nature and enjoying the stillness of the environment.  I can just feel all my cares and worries melt away when I am cruising along listening to my favorite oldies, or other soothing sounds that help take my mind off the troubles of my world.  Playing an instrument is a wonderful skill to have, and is one that can take you all over the world.  A recent biography of the great pianist, Mary Lou Williams is a great example of this.  She was a child prodigy who at the tender age of 4, could play a song perfectly form memory after hearing it just once.  The first time it happened, it is said that it scared her mother so, she dropped little Mary Lou on the floor.

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Whether you choose to listen to music from the great artists of yesterday and today, or learn to make your own.  You can save a lot of time and money when you shop the Groupon way, and take advantage of a great deal at the Guitar Center.